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Paul Apostolakis is a co-founder of Omega Lending and brings over 15 years of success in the real estate and mortgage space. Holding executive positions at both Quicken Loans and United Wholesale Mortgage, Paul has had a close look at what it takes to rapidly grow and scale a company in the real estate space. Today, Omega Lending Group is one of the fastest growing mortgage lenders in Michigan, and Paul is the host of the Inside Real Estate Podcast.


Paul and his partners started Inside Real Estate with the objective of educating, informing and elevating the real estate discussion in the Michigan area. Today, the show has national reach and has expanded its discussions beyond the local Metro-Detroit real estate market. Paul and his team have had guests from across the country spanning beyond just real estate and mortgages.


  • Paul Apostolakis is the co-founder of Omega Lending Group, a mortgage lender in Royal Oak, MI
  • In under 2 years, Omega went from $1 million in loan volume in its first month to $12.5 million in September 2019
  • Omega has helped over 450 families buy homes in Michigan with over 200 first time home buyers and has captured over 250 five-star reviews
  • Paul and Omega are building the most realtor preferred process in the local market
  • Paul was at Quicken Loans and United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) when each company was experiencing astronomic growth
  • Paul is the host of Inside Real Estate, a real estate podcast with national reach
  • Omega is bringing fresh life and energy to a space that often settles for the status-quo
  • Paul experienced the 2008 housing crisis and has been in the mortgage space for over 15 years

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